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By Tim ONeill
The Dalles 

WIH is hard work to make good fun

Letter to the Editor


To the Editor:

Week in History (WIH) is only a trifle meant to inform and entertain. Some may consider an historical event interesting and/or informative, while others think it is only unnecessary minutia. When you get down to it, you really only need to know that in 1492 Columbus did something and in 1945 we won something. The effort to make history palatable by resorting to humor can’t always work because humor is subjective. Someone may think a joke is hysterical but make another groan in agony.

If someone thinks reading WIH is punishment, try writing it on a weekly basis. Each article is researched, although, admittedly a lot of it is exaggerated and some of it just flat out made up, for the sake of humor. It is then written, rewritten, re-researched, and edited again before submission. It is then re-edited by the paper and published, if at all, based on available space on the editorial page. Leditors [letters to the editor] always take priority in publication over WIH. Last week I spent several hours writing an article that wasn’t printed.

Personally, I find sports articles boring and classifieds dreadful. That does not mean they should not be published—I just don’t read them. If WIH doesn’t appeal to you, then don’t waste your time and ignore it.


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