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Nixon nominated, original Tea Party platform


Which are real?...

July 24: 1851—Britain abolishes the window tax as a result of intense lobbying by Windex. 1974—The Supreme Court tells Nixon to surrender the Watergate tapes. Born: Ruth Buzzi (1936). Died: Peter Sellers (1980). National Tequila Day. Today’s Word: Tollation—the act of lifting.

July 25: 1609—The HMS Sea Venture is deliberately driven ashore to avoid sinking in a storm over Bermuda. Those who lived through it declare Bermuda an English colony. 1908—Tokyo Imperial University’s Kikunae Ikeda discovers a key flavoring ingredient in kombu soup stock is monosodium glutamate (MSG) and patents a process to manufacture it. 1969—Nixon declares the Nixon Doctrine t...

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