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Herrera-Beutler says she is staying on the job while daughter is treated in California


Rep. Jaimie Herrera Beutler (R-3rd District) has written a letter to constituents affirming her intention to continue representing her district in the face of her daughter’s significant health challenges.

“Recently, I announced the birth of my daughter Abigail, who arrived three months early and with a serious medical condition that was previously considered fatal,” Herrera Beutler wrote in a letter dated Sept. 5. “Since that time, my husband Daniel and I have been at Abigail’s side at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, Calif.—one of the few hospitals in the region with the medical expertise and willingness to care for a baby of her size with her extremely rare medical condition. I’m pleased to report that her doctors are happy with her progress and optimistic about her future. Dan and I continue learning how to manage her day-to-day care while she gets healthier and overcomes her health challenges.”

Herrera Beutler added that while it was not possible for her to resume a full congressional schedule until her daughter was able to come home, “I am in touch with my staff continually and with the House leadership sharing my views when needed. I will be able to travel back and forth from the hospital to Washington, D.C., to participate in critical votes. For example, I plan to be in D.C. to vote on the President’s request for authorization of military force in Syria. I also continue to communicate with constituents electronically and as early as next week will be conducting community meetings via telephone that will be open to all district residents.”

Her letter stated constituents were welcome as always to get in touch with her office immediately with any concerns, saying she and her staff will continue to work to assist anyone in her district with federal law or agency problems. Resources available through her office and current information can be seen at

“Finally, I want to thank you and all of the people of Southwest Washington for your prayers, support and understanding during this uncertain time for my family,” Herrera Beutler concluded. “Since our first family announcement, the reaction we’ve received has been touching and humbling. Dan and I may never be able fully to express how much it has meant to receive so many wonderful messages from people in every community in our district, all backgrounds and political persuasions. At this point I can just say that it is an honor to represent you.”


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