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By Tim ONeill
Funny Guy 

9/11, minimum wage hits $1, Mayflower lands


Which are real?...

Sept. 11: This is a big day in war history. 1941 –FDR orders any German, Italian, or Japanese ship in U.S. waters to be shot on sight. 2001—Hijacked passenger jets are used to crash into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. 2010—Army Staff Sergeant Salvatore Giunta receives the first Medal of Honor since World War II for his heroism in Afghanistan. 2012—In Benghazi, Libya, the U.S. Consulate is attacked by terrorists. Born: Bob Packwood (1932). Play in the Sand Day. Today’s Word: Impignorate—to pawn something.

Sept. 12: 1955—President Eisenhower increases the minimum wage from 75 cents to $1 an hour, despite the objections of Chambers of Commerce. Born: Jane Wyatt (1910). Died: Henry Fonda (1982). Weird Contest Week. Today’s Word: Caparisoned—a horse’s adornment of ornamental or heraldic drapery.

Sept. 13: 1789—The U.S. government leads Americans down a slippery slope when it takes out its first loan. 2001—Osama bin Laden is identified as the prime suspect for the 9/11 attack. Born: Mel Torme (1925). Lefties Day. Today’s Word: Zettabyte (ZB)—1 billion terabytes.

Sept. 14: 1716—On Little Brewster Island at the entrance to Boston, Boston Light, the first lighthouse in America, is lit for the first time. Died: Patrick Swayze (2009). National Creamsicle Day.

Sept. 15: 1935—Nazi Germany adopts the swastika as its symbol and takes away the citizenship of German Jews with the passage of the Nuremberg Laws. 1942—Germany begins its unsuccessful siege of Stalingrad, which lasts until Feb. 2, 1943. 2673—Father admits to his son that while he told his son to do something once, he had not told his son to do it a million times. Born: Tommy Lee Jones (1946). National Relaxation Day. Today’s Word: Grinagog—one who sports a big stupid grin.

Sept. 16: 1620—The Mayflower begins its voyage to North America and makes it to Plymouth Rock in time for Thanksgiving. 1968—Richard Nixon appears on “Laugh-in” to ask “Sock it to me?” Died: Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary (2009). Independence Day (Mexico). Today’s Word: Mulct—a penalty or fine; like the word “orange,” no other English word rhymes with it.


Reader Comments

jimmiemf writes:

The Medal of Honor was awarded to at least 386 Armed Forces personnel between WWII and the Afghanistan conflict. I understand the trivia premise of this humor column, but thought anyone who may not be aware of that fact should have the answer provided, being that many of those medals were awarded posthumously and for non-trivial reasons.


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