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By Andrew Christiansen

Police find stolen goods and strange plot twists in local robbery


TODAY’S POSTER CHILDREN FOR ‘CRIME DOESN’T PAY’: The four men who staged a brazen robbery in Goldendale last week, shown here, were rounded up quickly by Goldendale police. The story of what they did, how they did it, and their apprehension is the stuff of jaw-dropping TV drama, though it all actually happened. Marcos Madrid (38), tied to Portland criminal circles who had recently moved to Goldendale.

Burglarizing a home of guns and cash is the kind of story that gains notice. The only thing bigger is the quick action of local police who wrap up the case in less than three days. That crime and word of the arrests have Goldendale abuzz, but there is an underlying story that is bigger than those headlines. That story is the drug culture that is pervasive, even in Goldendale, and is the reason behind the burglary. The burglary was big news because of the nature of the crime, but it is part of what Goldendale Police deal with on a daily basis. It is also something they believe can be greatly reduced with a little citizen help.

The burglary reported last week in The Sentinel was solved by t...

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