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Trout Lake Fair seeks Baking Contest organizer

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Just like last month, get the paper, read the column and immediately rush out to attend the Senior Dinner, which will be held on Thursday, Oct. 10, the day the paper arrives. The dinner starts at 5 p.m. preceded by music, starting at 4 p.m. This month Otto’s sausages will be served with winter squash casserole and sauerkraut, a very fall meal and bound to be excellent. Suggested donations are $3.50 for seniors, and $6.50 for younger folks. Look forward to seeing you there. And maybe next month the column will give information about the dinner earlier so folks can plan, who knows?

Ray sent out a report on the activities of Trout Lake Care, the group that sponsors the Senior dinner. In addition to sponsoring the dinner, TLC provides volunteer drivers for Klickitat County Senior Services. The drivers who volunteer through TLC have driven more than 1,000 senior services miles just in September. Also TLC maintains a supply of equipment for folks with limited mobility. The collected items have outrun the storage space. If you have storage space that they can use or if you or a family member need such equipment, please contact Ray at 2318. What a wonderful caring group of “Trout Lakians.”

Trout Lake Fair is undergoing some changes, Karen Smith, the long time organizer of the Baking Contest (18 years) is resigning from this position. The board thanks Karen for all of the time and energy she has poured into organizing and managing the contest. It was wonderfully done and the Fair has been the better for it. However, we now need a person or persons who are willing to step up and organize the Baking Contest for the Fair. Please consider volunteering to help the Fair continue this contest that is so popular with entrants and attendees. If you are interested, contact Ray at 2318.

There were two interesting presentations at the Community Council meeting on Oct. 2. Jeannie Demorest, who is again managing the Trout Lake Natural Area Preserve, spoke about the preserve and its mission to provide protected habitat for, initially, the Oregon spotted frog but now, also, for several rare plant species and Sandhill cranes. One pair of cranes nested in the preserve this year and produced a young crane called a colt. Unfortunately the colt did not survive to maturity but cranes tend to return to the same nest site year after year and it is hoped that the pair will try again next season. Jeannie also said that the preserve needs volunteers to help with weed removal, monitoring and planting of native grasses. If you would like to volunteer or if you need to communicate information about the preserve, contact Jeannie at (509) 925-0911 or It is nice to have her re-involved in the Preserve.

The second speaker, Wayne Vineyard, a commissioner on the Board of the Port of Klickitat, presented information about the proposed levy for the port to be voted on in the November election. The IDD Levy, established in 2007, has expired and cannot be renewed. A Port is only allowed to have two of these levies. The Port of Klickitat has had two; one years ago and the one that just expired. The current levy for the Port is very, very low. The income from the current levy will not provide enough money to allow the Port to continue making the capital improvements necessary to develop the infrastructure and facilities to attract business to the area and support existing businesses. An increased levy is required for the Port to successfully fulfill its Economic Development function, which will lead to an increase in the numbers of jobs in the area as businesses utilize the improved facilities in the Port to establish or expand. For the economic benefit of all of the citizens of Klickitat County, please vote yes for the Port Levy in November. The Port has developed a Fact Sheet about the proposed Levy. For more information call the Port at 493-1655.


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