By Bill Davis
Hood River 

It's lonely in the Fox hole

Letter from the Community


To the Editor:

Here’s what’s happened to reliable reporting: an Obama daze has taken over the mainstream media. There is no real news. What we have are full-fledged presidential activists disguised as “objective” journalists who exclude any factual events that don’t reveal the commander in chief on a white horse, in shining armor, with a halo. This is actual, matter-of-factual censorship by omission or “CBO.”

Say it with me now: “CBO has got to go!” Very good.

Now let’s talk about that one and lonely Fox news. They refuse to engage in censorship by omission. They have the nerve and the courage to fearlessly criticize our country’s leader, much to his chagrin. He would love to get Fox out of his hair and off the air for not folding like card tables, as do the mainstream media who promise, “Mr. President, we offer you our blind obedience.”

You know, those six or seven Obama news outlets really hate that one and lonely cable news teams with great vigor. Hear them whine: “How dare those little pipsqueaks speak out against our error-free commander in chief. It’s not fair.”

Let’s give them each a hanky.


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