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By Tim ONeill
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Lincoln becomes first third-party president, Butch and Sundance die

This Week in History


Nov. 6: 1860—Lincoln becomes the first and only third-party candidate to be elected president. 1908—Robert Leroy Parker (Butch Cassidy) and Harry Alonzo Longabaugh (the Sundance Kid) are reportedly killed in a gun battle with Bolivian soldiers. 1960—In the Good Old Days, the average sale price for a new house is $12,700, gas goes for 25 cents gallon and the average price for a new car is $2,600. The drawback? The average annual income is about $5,300. 1991—Kuwait’s last burning oil well set fire by retreating Iraqis is extinguished. Born: Sally Field (1946). Died: Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky (1893). National Fig Week. Today’s Word: Tragematopolist—a seller of sweets and candies....

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