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By Jesse Sines
For The Sentinel 

What's big about 'Big Art'?


The Art Gallery has been making progress with its back room and enticing the community of Goldendale to come and see their “Big Art” in the back.

“It’s really nice, when we have second Thursdays we can put tables in here, there’s a nice open feel to it,” explains Olivia Holderman, one of the newest members. “I’m a relatively new artist, so I’m just getting a feel for running the cash register and how to write up different things.”

Some will recall that the Art Gallery had moved in July, from their place on Main Street to 614 South Columbus next to CarQuest. Jim Walter, President of the Golden Art Guild recalls, “We just needed more display space, and we’ll use part of it as classroom space.” The new building gave them new opportunities and a massive back room that needed some work, but is now capable of housing classes, Second Thursday events, and displaying some of the larger works by the local artists. Walter reveals, “It’s something that we’re going to grow into. We basically built the wall and moved a lot of the big [art] pieces back here,” thus explaining the “Big Art” theme.

With the many events occurring this holiday season, Walter says, “Our second Thursday this month will be a Christmas display. the artists are encouraged to bring in pieces that can be used as gift items for the holidays.” Holderman adds, “There will be music at our Second Thursday, too—we’ll be singing Christmas songs.” According to invitations, Jeanne Morgan of Golden Photo will be performing holiday songs and leading carols. A tree will be openly displayed, and canned food for the food bank can be placed underneath. Everyone will be allowed to place ornaments on the tree to celebrate a sense of community. Tenants can expect wine again at this event, as well as the rest of the events, since the art gallery’s license has been renewed for it.

To truly find out what the Big Art is all about, this festive Second Thursday will be taking place at the Golden Art Gallery on Dec. 12 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. “We’re still seeking more artists to join us,” Walter states, but that doesn’t mean those attending the events have to be artists—just admirers of big art, small art, crafts, and gift items.


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