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By Toni Reita

Time to get on the cannibis bandwagon

Letter from the Community


To the Editor:

Cannabis legalization means billions of dollars for Washington. Can you imagine some peripheral businesses it will create? It was businesses supporting the California Gold Rush that became rich, not prospectors!

Make no mistake, this is world history in the making, a pendulum swing toward our ancestors’ cannabis-rich roots when American colonists enacted a Virginia law in 1619 which required cannabis production for farmers. In 1762 Virginia imposed penalties for those who didn't produce. Presidents Washington and Jefferson were cannabis farmers, and many cannabis sativa fields were grown by patriotic Revolutionary War-era farmers. From 1942 to 1946, after the 1930s plant prohibition laws were enacted, the USDA had a Hemp for Victory program and released a 1942 film urging farmers to grow hemp for World War II. Hemp comes from the same marijuana plant; it is the stalk, not the buds. Our state from the governor, to BLS, to Department of Revenue and all visionaries are eager to be part of this exciting history and high times ahead; still there seem to be a few uninformed souls who want to burn their neighbors at the stake for their potential involvement in this new legal industry which will obliterate illegal back alley purchases. Ancient anointed ones were drenched in cannabis. Cannabis appreciation unites people from all walks of life. Fear is born of ignorance. Educate yourself, and let's do our part to be responsible, follow laws, and share factual information. Small town tongue-wagger or patriotic visionary: the choice is yours! Smoke ’em (or eat ’em) if you got ’em!


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