By Rita Liska

The coal dust that wasn't there

Letter from the Community


To the Editor:

Kudos to Daniel Roth for his letter regarding coal dust.

I’m pushing 77 and grew up on a small ranch on the reservation, using an old wood/coal cooking range for both heat and cooking. I remember when my parents installed a large oil space heater that took up a third of our living room, and I was taught at an early age to use both. I still use a wood range right now for both winter heat and cooking and prefer it over any other source of heat and cooking.

When thinking back, I can never recall any time that my mother had a problem with coal dust at any time. And the coal that I use today seems solid, stable, and virtually free of dust stuff.

Any dust I have a problem with is with the dry, aged wood that I use, not from anything to do with coal.

I invite the gentleman who wrote the letter regarding “dirty, dusty coal” to accept a visit from Klickitat County representatives at their discretion, and physically show them all these miles of coal dust he is raving about. Personally I don’t believe him until he can prove his point.

We used to have some saying on the ranch: overeducated idiot, educated beyond their brain capacity, lie like a rug, and a few others—I don’t know the man who wrote the letter, so I don’t know if any of these terms fit. But I need proof beyond his written say so.


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