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By Rodger Nichols
The Dalles 

Can we borrow Washington's website?

Letter from the community


To the Editor:

A modest proposal:

Let’s review the situation with CoverOregon health exchange website:

1. It doesn’t work.

2. Washington’s health exchange website does.

3. Oregon is withholding the final $18 million of a $90 million contract to Oracle, until it gets the site to work.

4. Einstein said the definition of insanity was trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Instead of trying to pump life into this dead horse, let’s try a different approach.

Let Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber meet Washington Governor Jay Inslee in a Vancouver coffee shop and hand over a check for that $18 million in return for a brown paper bag holding a copy of the  Washington Healthplanfinder software.

Oregon gets a late Christmas present (a plan that works); Washington gets a few extra bucks; Oracle takes a deserved penalty, and the rest of us on the Oregon side can put down our pitchforks and torches, cool off that kettle of tar, and get on with our lives.


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