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By Justin Brimer
For The Sentinel 

Homeless shelter opens


Justin Brimer for The Sentinel

LIVES TRANSFORMED: Tammy Nadler and David Bromeley sort clothing at the Father's House's new homeless shelter.

Goldendale's homeless now have a warm place to sleep, a kitchen to prepare food, and a place to shower and do laundry.

A local church, with help from the community and former recipients of aid, can offer emergency shelter, a hand up, and hope for the homeless.

Father's House Fellowship has recently completed Goldendale's only emergency homeless shelter.

The church has long offered services to the area's needy. Their basement, in the building of the former Goldendale Christian School, is a mini-social services office. It has a large room of clean, warm clothes, to anyone in need, a kitchen open to people who need hot food and rooms that have doubled as storage and boarding facilities for those in need.

After completing a bathroom remodel and accepting donations of beds and bedding following a Dec. 18 article in The Sentinel, the church can officially accept a small family that has nowhere else to go.

This coupled with other services in Goldendale, have helped those on the brink of homelessness, return to successful lives in this community.

Tammy Nadler was a meth addict for more than 20 years before a persistent church visitor helped turn her life around.

"This lady from the church kept coming by my apartment and knocking, and knocking, and knocking," she says. "And I was always high and didn't want to answer it."

Nadler recalls she was living with her daughter and had been given an eviction notice. She was on the brink of homelessness.

She finally answered the door.

Nadler accepted the invitation to visit Father's House of Fellowship, which soon turned into her home while she battled the demons of addiction, she recalls.

She sent her daughter to live with her mother but couldn't quite kick the meth habit.

"Then one day the church elders brought me into their office and said, 'Look, we know you're still on drugs; either shape up or ship out," she recalls.

"I knew what meth had given me, and I knew it wasn't good," she says as she folds clothes in the church's large clothing storage room. "So I got help, turned my life around, and never once looked back."

Nadler has been working at that church for more than 3 years, organizing and running the offices.

She says a transitional housing program offered by the Washington Gorge Action Programs was imperative to her improvement. Once off meth for six months, WGAP offered her a free place to live for two years.

Now she spends her days helping the church that brought her back from a tailspin that was spiraling toward homelessness.

She also volunteers for A Hand Up, a service from local churches that offers one-time or short-term monetary aid. "They can pay for a prescription, or gas money to get to a job interview," Adler says, "or maybe even a motel room for a night."

"I know how much it can mean, because I've been the one calling that line," she adds.

Justin Brimer for the Sentinel

Clean and dry: Father's House Fellowship has expanded its reach in the Goldendale community. In addition to addressing the spiritual needs of residents, they also provide for the physical needs - showers, laundry facilities, and clean, dry clothing (above).

David Blomeley, who helped remodel the church bathroom and prepared the beds for homeless families, stands nearby and nods. Like Adler, he now works at the church that offered him a hand up and joins many other Goldendale residents offering short and long term solutions to homelessness.

Father's House of Fellowship, 207 S. Klickitat Avenue, can offer a needy person or family a safe, warm place to sleep and prepare meals for one or two nights.

The Goldendale Ministerial Association, at 250-1604, offers financial help on the A Hand Up telephone line. Their motto is, "A poor man called and the Lord heard him; he saved him out of all his troubles," Psalsm 34:6. Calls are answered by volunteers or callers can leave a message detailing their need.


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