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By Melody Wagoner

Eagles are going to disappear faster

Letter from the community


To the Editor:

This is a response to Mr. Ellis’ letter regarding my opinion in The Sentinel recently.

I do take drives, Mr. Ellis, and I see many high-flying birds of prey in the Gorge on my way to The Dalles or elsewhere. I have seen less birds here where I live above Lyle outside of Goldendale.

My point was to let anyone who reads the paper to know that recent legislation was revised and passed by President Obama that allows wind tower companies for the next 30 years to allow the killing of bald and golden eagles without penalty or recourse if they are compliant companies with proper permits with the Department of Fish and Wildlife. There are many companies in our county that are wind-related, and each one has seen its share of bird kills each year. This legislation is dealing with a protected species, which also happens to be the national symbol of freedom for our country. They were protected previously, and companies have been fined heavily for non-compliance and needless deaths. I think it’s great you can see so many species where you are next to a wonderful food source (the river). As I mentioned, I see less birds on the high side of the “killing hills.” Even the ones that frequently migrate through here have become less and less each year, Cooper Hawks, Merlins, red tails, as well as the eagles of both kinds.

My best wish was to let folks know and be more aware of the “allowable” killings of these birds on a daily basis in our county and country with no penalty imposed and with President Obama’s seal of approval. We should be upset, and I am; therefore, I write letters. There are archival stories about the legislation on many mainstream news sites on the web if you look them up. We are just one small county in Washington. This is a nationwide issue. There’s no question the eagles will disappear faster with this new law.


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