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TL Fair board seeks to fill vacancies soon

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Lots of stuff is happening in Trout Lake, despite the gloomy, dry chilly weather. I wonder if we will ever have any precipitation this winter.

At the December meeting the Trout Lake Community Council appointed Tim Webster to fill the vacant position on the Council. The Council, Joel Barry of Trout Lake Farms, and valley residents discussed the noise made by the dryers in the new building on the Farm property on Warner Road. The noise is so loud that it is disrupting the lives of residents who live within earshot of the dryers. Berry’s position was that the operation is an agricultural use and therefore is protected under the County noise ordinance. Berry did say that he is investigating solutions to the problem but is unable to state how much it might be possible to reduce the noise. He is reluctant to proceed with a solution that might not reduce the noise enough to satisfy the neighbors. Berry will return to the Council meeting in February to give an update on progress made if any. The Council will meet Feb. 5, at 7 p.m. at the school. The Council encourages community members to attend the meeting and be informed about issues and occurrences in the valley.

Trout Lake Fair Board is urgently looking for help with the Fair. Sadly, two people who were very active in organizing and running contests have left their positions. Karen Smith who conducted the baking contest and auction for a very long time will no longer be involved in this contest/auction. Also, Donna Tiffan, who ran the thread and yarn crafts contest has resigned. The Fair Board expresses their thanks to Karen and Donna for the time they gave to making the fair a fun family event. Now though, there is a serious need to find new people to organize these contests. The Fair would not be the same and perhaps would not be able to continue without them. If you have an interest in baking or sewing and are willing to give a few months each year to the fair please contact Ray at 2318.

On a happier note the robotics team, the Iron Mustangs Team 3711, is busy making the robot needed to meet this year’s challenge for the first robotics competition. The challenge for this year involves putting a ball about the size of an exercise ball into the goals. The goals are arranged at various heights on the goal line with the higher goals worth more points. There is also a bridge like structure at mid field which, if the ball clears it and goes into a goal, gives the team even higher points. Three teams will have robots on the court at the same time working cooperatively to score goals. It seems to be a more complex challenge than in previous years. The Robotics team has been in existence long enough that this year for the first time they do not need to cannibalize the preceding year’s robot for parts. Having the robot from last year will allow the team members a longer time to practice operating a robot, after this year’s robot is bagged, to improve their skills in this area before the competition. We wish them success in the local competitions in March, and are hoping that this year they will again go to St. Louis for the international competition. The team welcomes community support. Contact Sally Wells at the school if you wish to help or donate money. The school website has a very informative section devoted to the robotics team if more information is wanted.

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, Carlos Najera, the director of the Olancho Aid Schools in Juticalpa, Honduras, will speak about his program in the Spanish room in the school at 7 p.m. Olancho Aid is the program that has been supporting medical care for Yeltsin Reyes who studied in Trout Lake several years ago. It also supports schooling for Yeltsin and Lidenis his sister. Sr. Najera wants to thank the community for its support. The speech is open to all so please come.

The dinner for the over 60 crowd, the senior dinner, will be held on Feb. 13, in the Community Room of the school. Music and socialization starts at 4 p.m., dinner will be served at 5 p.m. Of course all are welcome, but the price for seniors is lower. See you there.

A last reminder, the Cabin Fever Festival happens this coming weekend starting with the presentation by Peter Marbach on his trip to Nepal on Friday at 7 p.m. at the Grange. Expect that the photographs will be stunning. Then all other events will be on Saturday, including the free lunch, a personal favorite, and the Snow Ball, which should be entertaining and amusing. Hoping that the Festival relieves the gloom induced by the weather. Come out, enjoy, and bring some brightness and energy into your life.


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