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By Jesse Sines
For The Sentinel 

Local artist looks to land large scale leatherwork contract



LEATHER ARTISAN: Dan Sines landed a contract to do patches for a motorcycle club, which could develop into the biggest job of his 40 years in learther works.

Dan Sines, a Goldendale leather artist, may have received the business deal of a lifetime.

"I started out on doing leather work when I was in the Navy," Sines recalls, "One of the guys on the Enterprise took me under his wing when he saw I was an artist and taught me pretty much everything he knew." When asked his years of experience as a leather artist, Sines simply replies, "This year will be 40."

Late last year, Sines was asked by the Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA), an international motorcyclist organization based in Hatfield, Ark., to create their leather patches.

Sines explains, "First contact was right at the first of December of last year,." After two months of negotiations, Sines is starting on the first plate. "The first one out of the chute is the biggest one I'll be doing for them, I figure they'll take a look at that and see what I can do," says Sines.

Sines is currently working on the lettering for the patch, He contacted Matt Merfeld, a teacher at Goldendale High School, and has arranged to have the school do the lettering with their newly acquired 3-D printer.

"I'd been looking around for specialized letter stamps for the types of patches I'd be doing for CMA and others. It looks like a good possibility that the local school can do the job for me. They're putting in a 3-D image of an alphabet letter to start with, and if that works, they'll do the entire alphabet for me," says Sines.


CMA PATCH: The leather patch designed by Dan Sines for the Christian Motorcycle Association.

The first order includes a plate and 100 patches. CMA is currently in the process of going expanding their international organization, which could mean quite a workload for just one person.

"[This] may change the face of some of what I may end up doing," contemplates Sines, "unless they can find someone in other countries to do what I do. It could be that this could go international."

With this in mind, Sines would like to openly recruit those in the local community for contract work. "I'm looking for contract help, people who have a steady hand, a good eye, and can use a tool that will go around the edges. It's mainly knowing where the colors go and how to stay in the lines. I am going to need a least a couple, maybe three people to help out."

For more details, Sines can be contacted at 773-3343.


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