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Man arrested for alleged assaults included repeatedly choking woman


A Goldendale man was arrested last week following information that he may have been responsible for multiple assaults against a woman with whom he lived on North Columbus Ave.

Kevin Hehr, 34, was charged with first degree assault and three counts of second degree assault for incidents that were alleged to have occurred over the past two months. Police were called to Klickitat Valley Hospital on Feb. 13, to interview a woman who said she had been assaulted by Hehr.

The woman told police, two months ago she was at home, nursing her baby when she and Hehr got into an argument after he said he was leaving her. She said that Hehr became angry and put a hunting knife to her throat and held it there for some time. The woman noticed blood on the baby and her clothes when Hehr walked away. She said Hehr then apologized and tended to the wound. Police say a two-inch scar could be seen under her chin when they interviewed her.

The woman also said Hehr came up behind her on a later date and began choking her until she passed out. She said the cut began to bleed again and when she awoke, Hehr apologized again and treated the wound.

According to the report, Hehr assaulted her two more times in the past month. The first time it was alleged, was a month ago when they were arguing. She told police Hehr grabbed her throat and choked her then punched her in the face three times. She claimed she was choked to unconsciousness again in the past month when Hehr returned home drunk. She indicated this has been happening ever since the couple has been together over the past two years.

Police went to the residence to arrest Hehr. He initially resisted, according to the report, but relented when threatened with a taser. Police say Hehr admitted choking the woman, but he said it was in response to her attacking him. He also denied cutting the woman. He was taken to Klickitat County jail.


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