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By Troy Clark

This ship will be righted

Letter from the Community


To the Editor:

History has and always will repeat itself. And the strong, no matter how seemingly benevolent, will always eventually subjugate the weak.

Our forefathers sacrificed everything to free us from the chains of tyranny. Their blood that stained the frozen snow banks of the Delaware runs through our blood. Their fight that bought us a better tomorrow is a tomorrow that we are rapidly losing. Our way of life, our traditions, our heritage, our moral compass is in jeopardy. We the silent majority, we the backbone of this country, we the people will soon make our voices heard loud and clear.

We the people will never give up the right to bear arms. We the people will not accept gay marriage. We the people will use any and all means necessary to stop the murder of the unborn. We the people will not be forced into purchasing health insurance that so very many can ill afford. We the people will not bow down to political correctness. We the people will stand proudly for the pledge of allegiance. We the people will bow our heads in prayer for the strength and resolve to stand united against our enemies, be they foreign or domestic.

Mr. Obama, take heed. There is a voice stridently calling out of the wilderness. And that voice is the collective voices of we, the mad-as-hell majority. And it is we who shall forever stand guard and in sacred trust uphold the ideals, precepts and principles of this country’s foundation—the Declaration of Independence and the constitution.

And, Mr. Obama, we will right this ship. And set it back to course. We the people shall not waiver in this endeavor nor compromise our beliefs. Even at the cost and forfeiture of our lives to ensure that our children and their children inherit a United States of America under the protection, justice, and mercy of almighty God.

P.S. What may be perceived as the ranting and ravings of a madman by some is very often the thoughts and sentiments of the majority. ~ T.A. Clark


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