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By Barbara Robinson

Dispatch center mess needs accountability

Letter from the community


To the Editor:

In response to the article concerning “County dispatch center waiting for phones,” several questions come to mind.

What is the completion date for the phone system on the signed contract with Adcomm Engineering? Are they being fined a dollar amount for each day that goes past the agreed upon completion date on the contract? That should have been stated on the contract.

Why was the commitment date for training with Combix not cancelled when it became obvious the phone system would not be ready for training of the operators? If it was obvious to the training staff, that after they arrived, they could not train anyone...why did they stay for “almost a week”?

Where is Mr. Powell during all of this? What is he doing about getting this situation remedied?

Surely there is someone who can solve the situation. I cannot believe that we must continue accepting poor excuses for why the job has not been completed in a timely manner.

The Emergency Call Center was to have been completed and up and running sometime ago. How much longer must we wait?


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