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By Andrew Christiansen

Police dispute rumors of brutality in arrest of man who allegedly assaulted officer


A very public arrest took place on East Broadway, across from the Market Fresh grocery store on April 24, resulting in a serious injury to one man and a blizzard of stories about what occurred, most of which is untrue, according to Police Chief Rick Johnson. A number of people witnessed the arrest and Johnson is unaware of any eyewitness account that disputes what the police say is what happened.

Johnson said that around 9:15 p.m. police responded to a call about a possible drunk driver who had entered the parking lot at Market Fresh, nearly colliding with another car. A police officer arrived and was directed by the reporting party to a man who was leaving the store at that time. The off...

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Reader Comments

jadedone writes:

Unfortunately, it is not just the police that are corrupt in this town, it is also the Prosecutor's office. They are big on victim shaming and blaming. It's a classic case of atypical Old Boys Club mentality.

pixxestix writes:

The officer that bludgeoned this man has a reputation for this sort of behaviour. I sure hope the investigation reveals the truth and dosn't end up in another cover-up. The officer obviously has a problem with his temper and needs to find another line of work. How is it that someones head gets split open and thier brain bleeds from being tackled? Seems to me that he got hit with something This story is lacking a lot, do your own investigation people and be weary when going out at night, it's a small town but the police are corrupt and angry and enjoy taking that out on older people.


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