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Two horses missing from endurance ride at Glenwood

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The school year is nearing an end…and I have yet to share the names of those students who worked hard to earn honor roll designation for the third term. Sixth Grade – Carmen Guzman, Erika Hernandez and Andrew McFall; Seventh Grade – Kinley Troh and Crysta Warren; Eighth Grade – Madi Couch and Forrest Putnam; Ninth Grade – Colton Troh; Tenth Grade – Baylee Couch, Kaylee Feller, Marisela Hernandez and Bethany Putnam; Eleventh Grade – Greg Dechand, Becca Hallenbeck and Tamaira Huffsmith; and Twelfth Grade – Jonathan Throop. Good job kids! I hope we will soon be repeating your names for the fourth term honor roll as well!

Glenwood track team members, Greg Dechand and Bethany Putnam, travelled to Cheney last weekend for the State 1B Track Meet. Both kids had bragging rights when the competition was complete. Greg has qualified for state three years in a row – placing 5th as a freshman, 4th as a sophomore and 3rd this year in the men’s pole vault event! Who knows…maybe a pole vaulting championship is in store for Greg’s senior year?!!

This was Bethany’s second trip to compete at the state track meet. As she did last year…she again qualified in four events! This year, Bethany placed 4th in the 300 meter hurdles and set a personal record. She came in 2nd in women’s pole fault, 6th in triple jump, and 7th in long jump. Last year she earned 12 ½ points at the state meet – and improved that to 21 points this year! Congratulations to both Greg and Bethany on their successful season. Best wishes as they continue their track competition next year!

Miss Julia LaVallie was treated to a bridal shower with a theme of “Mocktails and Cupcakes” on Saturday the 17th in the multipurpose room at the school. Julie received many nice gifts to help her set up her household as she will become Mrs. Timothy Lund on July 19.

Dora Starr was the guest of honor at her bridal shower on May 31 at the school’s multipurpose room. Dora will marry Brant Watlamet on June 28. I’m thinking the Valdez family is going to be very busy for the next six weeks or so! Best wishes to both Julia and Tim; and Dora and Brant as they join the ranks of married folk later this summer!

Another busy weekend in Glenwood. Imagine that!?! Horse trailers and rigs from all over the country descended upon Glenwood this past week for the 19th annual Klickitat Trek endurance ride. Ride Manager Marilyn Milestone reported an average attendance for this year’s event. There were no human injuries; but two horses are among the missing – so keep your eyes out for a couple of horses with tack. If you happen to find one of the stray horses – please contact Leonard Rolph at 364-3359. Also a heads up for those riders or walkers out and about in the forest – there was a cougar incident near Blue Jay Camp last week before the endurance ride.

May in Glenwood this year was a little drier than average according to Doug Daniels. He recorded 1.05 inches of precipitation this year; and the 19-year average is 1.53 inches. May, 2003 was the driest with .3 inch, while May, 1998 was the wettest with 4.8 inches recorded. Thank you, Doug, for keeping us updated each month – it is fun to keep track of our rainfall!

The Glenwood Rodeo members provided food service during the Klickitat Trek. A huge thank you to everyone who worked so hard organizing, shopping, cooking, serving, taking money and cleaning up! We are so grateful to the members who have had a hand in making the kitchen nice for these events! Muchas gracias!

So…apparently someone helped themselves to the garden cart at the Mt. Adams Cemetery recently. It is hard to believe that someone could be desperate enough to steal equipment that is used to maintain our beautiful cemetery. Shame on you! I hope whoever stole the cart will be returning it to the cemetery post haste! Anyone with information regarding the theft is encouraged to call Cemetery Commissioner Dan Hathaway.

The Glenwood Rodeo Association members have been busy worker bees – getting the grounds ready for the 80th annual Ketchum Kalf Rodeo over Father’s Day weekend, June 14 and 15. This Sunday, June 8, will be a big workday beginning at 10 a.m. Spaghetti and garlic bread will be provided for lunch, so potluck salads or desserts to go along with that would be great. A short organizational meeting will follow lunch. We hope as many members as possible will be able to attend this workday.

Coming events:

• June 6: Eighth grade promotion 7 p.m.

• June 7: High school graduation 2 p.m.

• June 9 – June 20: Swimming lessons - afternoons

• June 9 – July 3: Summer school 8 a.m. until noon

• June 23 – 27: Vacation Bible School at Pioneer Memorial Community Church


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