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Small people in a big place


Lou Marzeles

Students from the Goldendale Kindergarten classes were VIP guests at Klickitat Valley Health (KVH) Wednesday. Three groups of kids got a tour of the hospital, learning about how it works and what happens when a patient comes in. They were met at the front entrance of KVH by a group of staff members, who helped the students put on head coverings, gloves, and masks (left), as if they were coming to work. Then it was to the Emergency Room entrance as an ambulance pulled up carrying a "patient" (a KVH staff member posing for the occasion), who "fell off his trampoline," the kids were told (below). Staff explained what they were doing to help the patient, emphasizing that nothing they were doing needed to be "scary." From there, the students followed the gurney into the Emergency Room, with staff members ED Physician Rick Sexton, PA-C; ED Nurse David Gilliam RN; and ED Tech Wena Coffman MA-C/MA-P (bottom). The three talked about what they do. Then the kids went into the X-ray room and saw how X-rays are taken. Down the hall they took in the ultrasound machine as it showed the beating of a human heart. "Doesn't hurt a bit," staff told the students. The classes then took gurney rides across the hospital to the lab, where they learned about taking blood and the hospital's blood bank. Then they were back outside, where they got souvenir bags to take to class and write about their adventures.

Lou Marzeles


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