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By Jonathan Lewis

Wave of the future

Letter from the community


To the Editor:

I was visiting Seattle the other day and turned to look in my rear view mirror because someone behind me was honking and waving. Then I realized the light had turned green, and their wave didn’t have enough fingers to be what we would consider a friendly wave...

That made me remember back to when we first moved to Klickitat County. On the 10-mile trip to and from Goldendale, almost everyone you passed would wave, as if to say: “Have a nice day.” Of course if you passed more than two cars on that trip, you knew it was rush hour.

Then, about six years ago or so, when the wind farms came, people stopped waving so much. I guess with the influx of so many cars and people who didn’t wave back, folks just got tired of waving. So it stopped. Every now and again you’ll get a wave, but most of the time there’s no waving. Maybe it’s because there are so many new people who don’t remember when everybody waved. Maybe it’s tired wind machine maintenance folk whose arms are just so sore and worn out from all that climbing that they can’t lift them to wave.

But I say let’s bring back the wave. The wave is a way of saying, “Hi, neighbor! Have a great day. Isn’t it beautiful that we’re not sitting behind a stop light?”

Keep on the sunny side.


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