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Brown harassment case to be heard in Clark County


A court case involving sexual harassment charges at the Klickitat County Prosecutor’s Office between 2007 and 2010 has made its way through the state Supreme Court, according to a report by Paris Achen, of The Columbian newspaper. The decision ends Dave Brown’s attempt to have the case against him tried in Klickitat County.

Brown argued that he should be tried in Klickitat County, as the alleged acts were “in virtue of his or her office.” The court voted 8-1 against Brown, wrote Achen, with Justice Mary Fairhurst stating that the virtue of office argument applies to duties performed as part of their position and that the alleged acts were not within the scope of Brown’s authority.

The case is based on accusations by Robin Eubanks and Erin Gray who say Brown sexually harassed them in the office they shared with Brown. According to the report, among the accusations is that Brown regularly sat with unzipped pants and splayed legs while talking to the women, and positioning himself so they had to rub against him to exit the office. The case will be tried in Clark County.


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