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By Jim Allyn

Give the job to the man who stepped up

Letter from the community


To the Editor:

In last week’s issue you opined on Mr. Songers claim that Sheriff McComas is leaving office early for political reasons.

The interesting thing about Mr. Songer’s complaint is that it is something that was totally within his power to have done something about. According to his statement in the June 11 Sentinel article, he was offered the undersheriff position in 2012, and he refused it.

The fact is that Undersheriff Boardman is in the position now and doing the job. Whether Sheriff McComas actually retires early or just coasts to the finish line, like a good many of the other politicians, the man in the undersheriff chair for the past year doing the day to day management is certified and the most qualified and gets the credit or the blame.

My vote goes to make that man our next sheriff, not the one on the sidelines because he declined to step up when offered the inside track.


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