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By Kate Matthews

Best boss I ever had

Letter from the community


To the Editor:

I was hired at the start of Lori Hoctor’s administration and have watched as she steadily implements her goal of elevating the quality of service provided to the citizens and elected officials of Klickitat County. As an example, she is bringing the forensic expertise of Clark County’s Children’s Justice Center to investigate all allegations of sexual and other violent assault of children countywide.

Lori is an active manager, not a micro-manager. She sets clear expectations for her attorneys and staff and pays attention to what is happening in the office, stepping in only if any of us are going “off track.”

Senior Criminal Deputy Brian Aaron has been trying criminal cases for over 24 years. I have handled criminal, civil, and appellate cases for over 22 years. While Lori is always available for advice or brainstorming, she trusts our judgment and stands behind our decisions.

Juries apparently agree that Lori’s management style works. Her administration has tried 19 felony cases, with convictions in 16. There have been only two outright acquittals and one hung jury. Many of these defendants have gotten long prison sentences.

Almost all defendants convicted at trial appeal their convictions. At the start of her administration, Lori moved all criminal appellate work in-house. This has saved up to 100,000 tax dollars a year in outsourced legal fees. The Court of Appeals has commended us on the quality and timeliness of our briefing. On all counts in all of the appellate cases decided so far, all but one has been affirmed, and that single charge was reduced one level, not reversed.

I got my first job in 1964, and Lori Hoctor is the best boss I’ve ever had. She’s also Klickitat County’s best choice for Prosecuting Attorney.


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