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By Cliff Gregg

Step up or step down

Letter from the community


To the Editor:

OK, Goldendale, wake up. Here are a few ideas or questions you need to think about:

An administrator is someone who manages people. Would a manager lay off good workers for five months if they were short handed? No. Would the person you put in charge just happen to be running for the same office? Why did the prosecutor farm out the Range/Timber Deputy contract when any of the three people could have fixed the problem with very little effort? Collusion?

Why did the Sheriff put in his letter of retirement and then retract it? Maybe because he was told he could not name his replacement. Let’s pretend that they have high morals and integrity and that they don’t work on the “good ol’ boy network”—when they do.

It is up to you, Goldendale. Let’s ask for them to step down and hopefully leave town and infect another county. Hey, how about that windmill security, maybe the deputy sheriff can get a job there with his boss. If this was not a set up, I will eat your hardware store.

Vote for the sheriff candidate who has years of proven management experience, high morals, and integrity.


Reader Comments

KWMathews writes:

Mr. Gregg, a clarification: the Prosecuting Attorney's role was to provide legal assessment of potential liability to the County in light of recent decisions by the Washington State Supreme Court and a Department of Retirement Systems investigation which started over a year ago. Our assessment led to certain recommendations which the Commissioners chose not to follow. Instead, Commissioner Sizemore asked Lori Hoctor for independent review by an outside attorney who has performed other work for the County and is trusted by the Board. His independent conclusion was the same as ours and cost the County $5,000. Our office can provide a copy to you. ~Kate Mathews, Chief Deputy PA


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