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Photo identification helps The Sentinel in stroll down memory lane for 135th anniversary


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1953 GOLDENDALE TIMEBERWOLF FOOTBALL ROSTER: Bob Schroder, Marc Olsen, Tim Holycross, Jack Dressel, Rodney Holycross, Leroy Culver, Kenny Goodpaster, John McEwen, Bill Ihrig, Larry Tobin, Jerry Husted, Dennis Mesecher, Bill Hanson, Merwyn Eshelman, Steve Campbell, Ron Rombalski, Bob Ihrig, Fred (Stuffy) Stone, Bob Storkel, Larry Densley, Ken Ferguson, Russell Jones, Bob Fisher, Jerry Hall, Frank Abbott, Jim Miller, Leonard Mummert, Del Goodpaster, Dale Lanegan, Marlon Niemela, Bill Geary, Les DeChenne, Gary Dayton, Wesley Loftin, Jim White, Larry Grillo, Scotty Shafer, Bruce Cameron, Bob Hubbard, Bob Mitchell, Bill Gibbs.

As part of The Sentinel's 135 year celebration, a special insert will be coming out in a September edition of the weekly paper, called Headlines and History. Some of the stories are similar to the one depicted in the above photo of the 1953 Goldendale Timberwolves football team. We know who it is because Bob Ihrig, who was part of that team took the time to identify the photo which was displayed on The Sentinel window on 117 West Main Street. Ihrig was good enough to provide the following information that accompanied his copy of the team photo; a story of a team which was clearly one to be remembered:

"The 1953 football season will go down in the annals of recorded history as the greatest football season Goldendale High School has ever had. They roared through all opposition, to finish the season undefeated and untied. Coached by Leo Hake, with assistance from Roger Ringstad, the Wolves took three non-league games, and then topped the Yakima Valley "B" Football League, taking six straight games. At the end of the league season, seven Timberwolf players were named to the all-valley team, four on the first squad.

Wes Pruitt, unanimous choice all-valley fullback, given an honorable mention for the state all-star team. Tom Oxwang, all-valley quarterback, first team, captain of the team. Stuffy Stone, all-valley halfback, second team, team inspirational award. Ron Rombalski, all-valley end, first team. Del Goodpaster, all-valley tackle, first team. Dale Lanegan, all-valley guard, second team. Bill Gibbs, all-valley center, second team."

The description of title game against White Swan is one that should inspire future Timberwolf teams, which, after all, is one of the reasons to look at our history.

"White Swan showed they had something as they banged through Goldendale's line, time and time again for big gains. White Swan led at intermission, 7-6. After a rousing dressing room talk by Coach Hake, the Wolves came onto the field ready to rip the Cougars apart. When it was all over, Goldendale had come through like the champions they were and won the big game and the Valley title by whipping White Swan 24-7," wote Ihrig.

With a player like Stuffy Stone, how could the Wolves lose? Who will be the next Stumpy or Rocky or maybe Bob the Bulldozer to set a historical point in future Timberwolf games so we can look back and be inspired in our publishing of the 200th anniversary of The Sentinel.

Take a look at the photos on the front window of The Sentinel to help identify some of the other photos from the past or check out The Sentinel Facebook page where photos will be posted on Thursdays.


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