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By Lou Marzeles

Let's have a big hand for everyone who gives a hand



It’s been a remarkable week for good things around the area.

You had the dinner for those two amazing veterans and their families. To hear them speak of their dedication to their country, their friends and families, was powerfully moving. It’s an ennobling thing to be witness to such commitment to sacred honor. One wishes there were a way to have the whole country share the experience.

That’s on the grand scale. Right here at home, people do for each other all the time; it’s a kind of quiet heroism that can be too easily taken for granted because it lacks the drama and visibility of higher-stakes situations. It needs to be recognized and appreciated more.

For example, the drama director at the high school, Maryanna Kruse, wrote last week of how impressed she was that some students volunteered their time to paint the interior upper room of the Goldendale Grange Hall, where the school’s drama productions are staged. The Grange has been more than magnanimous in its support for the drama productions, and Kruse and her students decided to show some appreciation.

“So many great people showed up to help GHS Drama Club paint the old Grange Hall on Wilber and Darland! The place is now elegant, and only needs the floor refinished to complete the job,” Kruse wrote. “Matthew Boardman came all three days, staying from beginning to end; Ben Hansen came for two days; and everyone else put in a day’s work, hours and hours in the beginning days of our recent heat wave.

“A lot of help also came from Reiss Kauffman, Joseph Johnson, Kody Bailey, Brandi Deauville, and the Soroptimist ladies: Lorraine Fritsch, Sandra Choate, Jan Azhman, and Shannon Clarin.

“Isn’t it wonderful when we get together to achieve great ends?”

Why, yes, in fact, it is. The room is now a crisp, clean, gleaming off-white, making it brighter and cheerier than its previous faded green.

And then there’s Rita Liska and her quest to display the old Goldendale Commemorative belt buckles back from Ted’s Café days. Liska started to collect the belts two years ago, borrowing them from their owners so they could all be showcased to the community.

“After a two-year illness delay,” Rita tells us, “I am ready to begin collecting the Goldendale Commemorative Belt Buckles again. I’d like to have them all by the end of July, so they can be put on display at the Goldendale Library during the month of August.”

If you want to help Rita in this worthwhile cause, you can call her at (509) 261-0854.

And once again this community will share its giving heart, ready to make life more remarkable moment by moment.


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