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Simple answer to simple question

What question have you asked these candidates?

I’ve personally asked the three Republican candidates on your ballot for the 14th a simple question: of the State legislators currently serving in Olympia, which of them would you consider allies—who would you probably vote with?

One of those candidates quit the race, though he’s still on the ballot. Another is cozying up to the folks who want to give you a 10 cent gas tax hike. Only Adam Yoest convinced me that he will work with those legislators who honor their oaths to our state’s constitution and work to preserve freedom and limit government. Adam Yoest has my vote.

Dan Boyes


Beware of dirty tricks

Hey, Illuminati!

What makes you think that Satan will keep his promises? There is always a dirty trick at the end, and we will not be on this dead planet to save or forgive you. Where we go, you cannot follow.

L. Baker III


Let’s fix this insult

As an addict of early American history and author of historical western novels, I’ve been researching past culture and lifestyles of the Native American tribes and clans. This led me to the Wish-Ham Tribal cemetery near Dallesport. Photographing some of the remarkably beautiful head stones, I was also perplexed by a large concrete slab fronting the westerly portion of the property. Discussing this ugly barren slab with the tribal guide, I discovered it was a crypt entombing more than one hundred Native American bodies that had been moved from ancient burial grounds and re-interred before they were inundated by The Dalles Dam pool.

The more I gazed at this ugly, white man’s concoction of structural wonder, the more offended I became.

In my opinion this insult should be removed and replaced with a mound of Mother Earth’s protective soil planted to native shrubs and flowers as directed by the descendants.

Dexter C. McPherson



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