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Live music and fun at Homesteaders Fair


John Longfellow

Live music: Lyle Park was the place to be Saturday, for the annual Homesteaders Fair. Live music filled the air, throughout the vendor's tents, which offered offered a variety of their wares as well as tutorial workshops of their art.

The sign on the door of the Twin Bridges Museum is getting good use lately. This week I answered a call for a tour from the son of Robert Chamberlain, whose family has the lake a little west of town named after them; and who once lived in an old three story house just across the Klickitat Bridge which according to the newspaper clipping was built by Jim Lyle, himself. At the time I was unable to find a photo of the old house but promised him I'd ask other board members and if there were any, I would send him a copy. I'm happy to say that an article and photo was found and I was able to make his visit a success. I remember the home well because in the mid 50's I had friends living in it and the property had been turned into a two-part trailer court while The Dalles Dam was being constructed. My parents and I lived in a trailer behind the house and backed up to a row of windbreakers that are still there...fond memories.

Those who didn't drop in at the museum for the biscuit and gravy breakfast Saturday morning sure missed out on a great meal. After the breakfast was over, the menu changed to fit the weather. Servers brought out tubs of ice cream and customers were able to create an ice cream sundae for themselves. It was quite a treat to those who ventured up the hill from the Homesteaders Fair.

Speaking of which; the park was filled with live music which filtered under, over, between and through the multitude of vendor's tents which offered a variety of their wares as well as tutorial workshops of their art. Parked cars turned the streets into one ways and the only place to escape the heat was the air conditioned Book Mobile parked near the skate park.

I'm just passing on a message from Glenda Lovejoy, about the To the Point newsletter that she creates quarterly. "My deadline for the next newsletter is Sept. 25. I'd love to include news and notes, pictures and poetry, writings and wisdom, or anything else you'd care to submit.  It's a place to share community news, events, concerns, interests, thoughts...I'm just the editor/'s news from you that matters. Looking forward to hearing from you!  Please send submissions my way....much appreciated!"

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