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The letter the mayor wouldn’t read


To the Editor:

The Goldendale School District school board meetings are held on the same evening as the city council meetings, so I prepared a statement that I wished to be shared publicly with Mayor Baze and the City Council members regarding their consideration of allowing a marijuana dispensary opening in our community. Since my correspondence was not allowed to be read at the last city council meeting, I would like to address this issue today:

Dear Mayor Baze and City Council Members:

Our Goldendale community is facing a critical public safety issue if a marijuana dispensary should be allowed to operate within our community. This type of business activity is of great concern to our school district, staff and students.

I am very concerned that any legal dispensing of this drug might become more readily available to children and how that might impact continued experimentation with drug use, including more potent and addictive types of illegal substances. As an educational leader, I am very opposed to the opening of any facility that would provide, legal or not, any gateway drug.

As superintendent of our public school district, I strongly urge you to consider adoption of the proper ordinances and/or restrictions so that a business of this nature cannot be allowed to open in our Goldendale community.

Mark Heid


Goldendale School District


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