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Taking money from someone suing


To the Editor:

According to the Public Disclosure Commission, David Quesnel accepted a campaign contribution from Robin Eubanks. She is currently a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Klickitat County.

Mr. Quesnel has known of the lawsuit since its inception.

I am troubled that he wants to be head legal counsel for the county, yet takes money from someone suing the county. I consider this at the least an ethical breach and if successful in his run for Prosecutor, a conflict of interest damaging to the county's position.

Most pointed: if Mr. Quesnel cannot figure out the ethics of such a simple situation, how could we trust his judgment as Prosecutor

It is also interesting that 85 percent of his campaign dollars come from outside Washington state. His in-state contributors include a person Lori Hoctor's office tried and convicted, and a Spokane lawyer who lost between $60,000 and $100,000 a year when Ms. Hoctor put a stop to outsourcing criminal matters.

Poor ethical judgment and mostly financed by out-of-state money—not the person I will choose to be Prosecutor.

David West



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