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By Kathy Schwab

Can't support him


To the Editor:

About 15 years ago when Bob Songer was a Range Deputy, he interacted with my sons who were ATVing on what were then open Boise Cascade roads. They were riding side by side. Mr. Songer stopped them, and rather than give them a stern lecture, he ticketed my oldest son for speeding, though he assured me that this was not the issue. After I called the Prosecutor’s Office, I was assured that he could not issue a traffic citation on a forest road and to tear the ticket up. Mr. Songer then charged them both in Juvenile Court with Trespassing. I went to Boise Cascade, who told me that Mr. Songer was given authority to handle issues on their land and they wouldn’t intervene, though they were surprised by the trespassing charge, as the area was considered public.

I then appealed to Mr. Songer’s better nature, which he didn’t have. He said the boys “needed to learn a lesson.” After I consulted with an attorney, Mr. Songer let me know in no uncertain terms that he would charge my sons with “something that would stay on their records a long time” if I did not “Back off!”

My sons’ first experience with law enforcement taught them a lesson of abuse of power and unreasonable people. They both went through Diversion and paid their fines for this bogus charge.

Thankfully we have an honest approachable, hardworking sheriff’s candidate in Marc Boardman, who is proving every day that he is fully capable of handling this important job for the county. I urge your support of Mr. Boardman for Sheriff.


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