By Amanda Richards

Changed mind


To the Editor:

As the State Committeewoman for the Klickitat County Republican party, I was one of the first supporters of candidate for Klickitat County Sheriff, Bob Songer. I signed an endorsement in September of 2013. Bob was affable and seemed to be a proponent of the Constitution, which I feel is the guide for our country’s government. After doing some research, I found that Bob was found guilty in a federal court, violating the first amendment right of at least one woman, although he blames the city for “settling.” Presently, there is another investigation into his behavior. I had already started to doubt my decision to support Bob, but what clinched my decision was at a candidate day last Saturday in Trout Lake when he slammed the efforts of the county Republican Party.

Our party is run democratically, one voice, one vote. We have gone out of our way to show fairness and impartiality for the two candidates running for sheriff (as well as other contested Republican v. Republican races). We also joined with the Klickitat Democrats to have a very successful bipartisan candidate evening (and another one is on Oct. 23). I am very proud of what our county Republican Party has accomplished in the last two years; we have done a lot of good for our community including food bank donations and thousands of dollars donated supporting veterans. Finally, looking at Mr. Songer’s PDC filings, I am convinced that if elected, he will serve only a select few, and the majority of the residents in Klickitat County aren’t on the list.

I hereby remove all support for Bob Songer,


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