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By Alan Jussila

Get upset


To the Editor:

I don’t understand why more hunters, gun club members and everyday people aren’t upset by the Initiative I-594. It will affect almost everyone, tie up courts with frivolous cases and add more workload to already overworked law enforcement. It won’t slow down crime.

I-594 doesn’t just cover gun sales, it uses the term “transfer,” which is broadly defined. I-594 would not stop criminals. Criminals would violate I-594 like they do every other law. So it wouldn’t stop them. They don’t fill out the paperwork now. Why would they after I-594?

I-594 is opposed by rank and file law enforcement organizations, including Washington Council of Police and Sheriffs (WACOPS), and the Washington State Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association (WSLEFIA) and numerous Sheriffs.

We have to stop government overreach! Vote no on I-594.


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