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By Donna Silen

Good bodyguard


To the Editor:

We have all seen the signs supporting the two candidates for Sheriff. My thought is, if I was hiring a bodyguard for me and my family, which one would I hire? Bob seems more specialized with farming and range patrol, where most of his financial donations have originated. He has taken on a full-time position of politician and has done a good job. He has a camaraderie with members of the Sheriff department that seems supportive, but will this help or hinder him as their boss? He has successfully raised $40,793 and spent $31,924 according to the PDC.

Marc is less emotional, seems to use reason to determine outcomes and he is more about protecting all citizens. He has family roots in our community and has always treated everyone fairly. I wanted to know where Marc’s source of financial support came from, and after researching, I realized it was a lot of small donors throughout the county. He has raised $9,161 and spent $6,395 according to the PDC.

In the end, I had to make a choice, much like hiring a manager with excellent resumes. I have to choose Marc Boardman. For one thing, he has managed this difficult race with a full-time job. He’s also made his own signs and shows a frugal attitude, and budget is very important with the Sheriff’s department. He’s the bodyguard I would hire.

You make the very important decision who you would want to protect you.


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