By Jeremique Clifford
White Salmon 

Keep her on


To the Editor:

I wanted to write to the residents and voters of Klickitat County and tell them about what I know of our current Assessor, Darlene Johnson.

I have worked with Darlene during her past two years in office. I must say, she is one of the most hard working and effective public officials I know. She has the upmost integrity in her job as an elected official, truly working for the people for whom she is elected to serve. She has consistently set the standards in her office to the highest levels, which have resulted in drastic improvements in the fairness and accuracy of assessments, according to the most recent 2013 Department of Revenue report. This is something that was not in order when she took office according to the same 2009 report. Her continued determination to perform for the taxpayers should shine as an example to other elected officials throughout the county and state. Furthermore, Darlene has not taken any donations for her re-election campaign, ensuring she remains an independent choice for Assessor. She owes political favors to no one.

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I encourage the voters of Klickitat County to look closely at the qualifications of the candidates running for County Assessor this fall and join me in voting for Darlene Johnson on their upcoming ballots.


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