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By Pat Bond
White Salmon 

Moral character


To the Editor:

I normally don’t get involved in political races, however I felt compelled to compose this letter to the editor in support of David Quesnel for Klickitat County Prosecutor.

I’ve been in law enforcement for nearly 24 years. I have had the opportunity to interact with both prosecutors and defense attorneys alike and have found the majority to be of high moral character with the utmost integrity.

That description fits David Quesnel. My knowledge of David is as a defense attorney. He defended his clients to the best of his ability to ensure they were represented appropriately. He has acted in a professional manner, and I have never heard him speak or act inappropriately. This is the type of person I want to represent Klickitat County.

I’ve taken the opportunity to speak with David on a few occasions during his campaign. He will demand accountability, both from within and from the defendants his office will face. His plans are educated and attainable. He will be involved, he will have an open door, and he will represent Klickitat County, residents, and visitors correctly.

I urge you to take the time to listen to his ideas and ask questions. Don’t be an uninformed voter, look at the numbers, and make an educated choice. If you do that, the clear choice is David Quesnel for the office of prosecutor, Klickitat County.


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