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By Colleen Moore
Trout Lake 

Sharp differences


To the Editor:

I’d like to share my experience with work done for my family with Darlene Johnson as Assessor and Crista Schroder as Associate Planner to illustrate why I believe there is a need for change.

Darlene Johnson as Assessor: Failure to mail two property reevaluation notifications after our property was short platted. This was explained as office oversight. Errors in information recorded: two parcels listed as twice the value they were purchased for and the day on the Market were incorrect by years. Communication difficulties with Johnson included unprofessional comments.

Additional “office oversight” in notification of reevaluation, two adjoining RR2 – 2.5 acre lots were left out of an appeal to the Board of Equalization which would have lowered their assessed value to the same as the two appeals we won. My land assessments for five properties increased by over $65,000. Fair and balanced? That is what Johnson’s ads state. She says she has lowered taxes. What do you believe?

Contrast and compare our experience with Crista Schroder in her position as Associate Planner for Klickitat County. Schroder was an up-front team player who went the extra mile to work with us, other individuals and departments to complete all requirements in an organized, efficient and timely manner when short platting a five-acre parcel for the purpose of naming a road for my recently deceased brother as a memorial.

Crista Schroder won the primary election for many good reasons. She is experienced working in the Assessor’s Office and has the knowledge to serve the public accurately and fairly. She has integrity. Don’t let misleading advertisements and slick tricks misguide you. I know from experience who I trust.


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