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By Charles R. Rusty McEwen

We weren't singled out


To the Editor:

As a taxpayer and former small business owner, I read the Sep. 24 article, “Criminal inquiry of assessor urged” with great interest. If you have not read this article, I strongly encourage you to do so.

All business owners endeavor to follow the numerous rules and regulations imposed by all levels of government which includes payments of various forms of taxes, e.g., B&O, sales tax, employment tax, real estate tax, personal property tax; all which require their own form of reporting. Honest omissions occur and are not uncommon. Such an omission was found in our business, also through a DOR audit of personal property; however, unlike the treatment experienced by the Schroders, we were not singled out. Rather we were notified by the Assessor’s office (past administration) of the error, they assisted us in making the correction, and taxes owed were calculated and paid. All of this was accomplished in a very professional, courteous, and non-accusatory manner.

The citizens and taxpayers of this county deserve and should demand better. I invite you to join my family by casting your vote for Crista Schroder to restore honesty and integrity to the office of County Assessor.


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