By David West

Amendment foe


To the Editor:

If measure I-594 passes, David Quesnel’s commitment to prosecute makes him an enemy to the Second Amendment.

His academic justification for prosecution of civil rights icon Rosa Parks, indeed rationalizing he would have participated, makes him dangerous to our civil rights. His is a position George Wallace would have supported.

David Quesnel has no relevant management experience. I am local operational manager for a global corporation. The value of what I am entrusted with exceeds the county budget. I know management, and Dave Quesnel’s resume would not even get him a mid-level interview. Does not grasp the prosecutor position is by far more complicated than being the lead attorney in the court.

David Quesnel has lack of judgment. At Trout Lake he stated it was OK to take contributions of both time and money from someone involved in a lawsuit against the county because he was a probable witness and therefore could not represent the county even if he became Prosecutor. So, taking the contribution is OK as a witness? Does not that leave him wide open to accusations that his testimony may be influenced by the contributions? A law degree is not required to see the flaws in his position.

In my opinion, this choice is somewhere between unethical to flat-out dumb.

He’s made misrepresentations. He’s a very short-time county resident. Hood River County records indicate he last voted in the 2012 general election and until April of 2013 was still registered there. This may explain 85 percent of his campaign contributions coming from out-of-state.

He claims to be Independent. The same records show he was registered as a Democrat until April 2013. Other records show he contributed to the Obama campaign. I’m not concerned that he is Democrat but that he misrepresents himself.

A part truth can be a full lie.


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