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By Mary Pierce

No bashing


o the Editor:

I feel Amanda Richard’s letter in the Oct. 17 Sentinel deserves a response.

I, too, attended the candidates’ forum in Trout Lake on Oct. 11. I do not believe Bob Songer “slammed” the county Republican Party in any way. A small group of Republican Party members that I consider the “fringe element” of the county party attended. I think the majority of attendees were pleased when Bob Songer called out a couple of attendees, addressing the misleading information they’ve been spreading during this election. Actually, I wanted to stand up and applaud Bob ‘s words. I am sure Bob Songer has the utmost respect for the county Republican Party as a whole.

I’m a Republican and I do not feel that fringe element within the party represents me in any way. As for the lawsuit stemming from Bob ‘s actions in Elko, Nev., the public should understand that the issue had to do with Bob firing some officers due to violation of his orders not to discuss an issue being investigated. I think there was a fine line there as to whether someone’s First Amendment rights were violated or whether someone blatantly disregarded an order from a superior.

And, finally, to address her remark that Ms. Richards feels, based on Bob’s PDCs, that he would serve only a select few, that is absolute baloney. Bob cares about this county and everyone in it, and I know, if he is elected, he’ll be one of the best sheriffs our county has ever had, serving all its citizens equally and fairly.


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