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By Tim Jones
White Salmon 

Rumor mill


To the Editor:

The recent response letter from Ken Burrill stated that he didn’t hear that rumor from Darlene Johnson. I find it interesting that he also said that he was a PCO Precinct Community Officer.

I heard a rumor that a contract worker for the Assessor’s office, Jeremique Clifford, is also a PCO for White Salmon. Jeremique Clifford has been putting up campaign signs in support of Darlene Johnson and going with her to candidate nights. Ken Burrill, who is Darlene Johnson’s neighbor, said he heard a rumor from someone else. The timing of the public records request for Crista Schroder’s personal information is what bothers me.

Do we want shady characters in office and working for our county? I think it’s time for a change! The voters of Klickitat County are smart and they can see that something doesn’t add up.


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