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By David L. Harris
High Prairie 

Why he isn't right


To the Editor:

I very much appreciated your article on gun rights. You see, my brother was the only eye witness to a double murder that occurred in this county. You all might recall; unfortunately for the two victims and families, it didn’t do them any good. They were murdered. My brother was shot at first.

Why mention this now? If he would have been armed, this story might have had a different outcome. He was archery hunting. This brings me to the reason for telling this story. I’ve had several talks over the years with Bob Songer, a current candidate for Sheriff, and like many, have found him to be friendly. What happened about three years ago leads me to believe he would be a poor choice for Sheriff.

You see, he conducted a search of my person without permission or warrant—a clear violation of my rights without cause. He and one other deputy did this. I was cooperative and friendly during this whole event. His reason for the unconstitutional act against me? Someone had pulled a gun the day before and so Songer felt compelled to search me. They did this by lifting up my shirt. I was in possession of a concealed carry permit but not a firearm at the time. No tickets were issued. I was walking along a country gravel road in Appleton with my two dogs.

If what you wrote about 591 is true, I would truly support this bill—just not Bob Songer for Sheriff.


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