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By Rosemary Hoyt

Climate changes


To the Editor:

There have been hundreds of climate change rallies all over the country recently. Here is why it is one of the major issues of our time.

Washington State Dept of Ecology: “Washington State is particularly vulnerable to a warming climate—especially our snow-fed water supplies that provide our drinking water, irrigation for agriculture—and nearly three-fourths of the electrical power we produce.”

Department of Agriculture: “A one degree Celsius rise in temperature over the April to October growing season will shift several of Washington’s American Viticulture Areas into the next higher Winkler region.” 2012 was the warmest year on record in the lower 48 states and the second most extreme weather year in U.S. history.

Washington Climate Change Impacts Assessment: Washington snowpack is projected to decrease by 28 percent across the state by the 2020s. Rising stream temperatures will likely reduce the quality of salmon habit. Due to increased summer temperature and decreased summer precipitation, the area burned by fire is projected to double by the 2040s. Climate change in Washington State will likely lead to significantly more heat and air pollution-related deaths throughout this century.

A report compiled from insurance data in California, New York, and Washington concluded, ”Treat climate change as a corporate-wide strategic issue, affecting all functions, at all levels, and formalize this in a public corporate policy statement. Climate change has the potential to impair value across the insurance enterprise.” Wow!

Climate change impacts every aspect of our way of life in our state and globally. Rep. Herrera Beutler’s voting record clearly shows she does not intend to take responsible action on climate change and is out of touch with the people of Congressional District 3. Her priorities lie with special interests, not the people. Bob Dingethal has agriculture, forestry and business experience. That is why I’m voting for Bob Dingethal for congress. Bob is our best hope for change.


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