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By Amanda Richards

Get facts right


To the Editor:

In response to Mary Pierce’s letter to the editor: she mentioned a “fringe group of Republicans” were at the Trout Lake candidate night. In fact, the treasurer, five precinct committee officers (one of whom is running for state legislator), and the secretary were present. That is hardly a fringe group.

Ms. Pierce, I have yet to see you at any of our central committee meetings,which are open to the public, Republican Women luncheons, or at any of the luncheons or picnics we put on. If you would like to become active in the party, we welcome everyone at our meetings in Dallesport. The next KCR meeting will be on Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 6:15 p.m.

Regarding Elko, Nev., a federal judge ruled that Mr. Songer violated the First Amendment rights of three women, which to me is significant. Please read the court documents for yourself: And Mr. Marzeles edited my letter (he admitted on a Facebook page) that removed the information about Mr. Songer choking a suspect in Clark County.

This is a pattern of behavior that the Klickitat residents need to be aware.

(Editor’s note: While we’re talking about factual accuracy, the web link you cited here actually indicates something totally different from the statement you made: it was not a federal judge that made the ruling; it was a jury. The factual difference is significant. As to the edit mentioned: as amply explained at the time, the sentence you refer to was deleted because your statement said Songer was known to show excessive force in Clark County—but there was no reference to any supporting information, and as it stood, the statement was a purely personal conclusion without corroboration. As such, it was deleted as unsupported speculation.)


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