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By Quincy Anderson
North Bonneville 

It's not OK


To the Editor:

In January, 2013, Norm Johnson was the sponsor of a bill that would have allowed any person, including non-relatives, to petition the courts for visitation rights to a child against the will of a fit parent, allowing a judge to thereby overrule the parent.

Popular thought seems to be not to run against a member of your own party. On the other hand, sometimes it’s necessary for a person with a sincere belief in liberty, like Michael Scott Brumback, to challenge the status quo in order to truly represent the people.

It would be astonishing how someone could look past Norm Johnson’s record and, inconceivably, his 44 missed voting opportunities. I don’t understand how he could think it’s OK to run for a fourth term, after neglecting his duties this way. We have a serious problem with party protectionism and the coddling of the rank and file. Why aren’t we discussing an endorsee’s latest vote or action based on ethics and its constitutionality? Instead, our information is prescreened and handed to us. Why is that good enough? When we’re unsure, we open our ballots and identify ourselves with a comforting letter beside a name. I’m pretty sure that’s the idea. I think it’s a shame, and I hope it becomes a reason more people get involved with their party.

Please consider sending Michael Scott Brumback to Olympia, where a growing number of principled representatives consider it a privilege, and have made it a priority, to protect our precious freedom. Please check out: votebrumback. com.


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