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By Robert Heriza
Baker City, Ore. 

Throw 'em all out


To the Editor:

We have come to a point where something must be done to avoid the collapse of our form of government. Our president and Congress are not governing as many think they should. We can’t change our president (legally) for another two years, but we can do something about Congress.

The Congress has been complicit, knowingly or stupidly, in the destruction of our way of life. Examine what it has allowed to take place in education, health care (exemptions that are questionable and exchanges that never worked), immigration, homeland security, foreign affairs, subsidies, entitlements, the judicial system, and much more.

A change can be attempted by an enlightened voting constituency. As individuals, or in groups, study what has been happening in the last six years. If you are satisfied with what has taken place, vote the status quo.

If you are less than satisfied, do not vote for any incumbents up for reelection. Perhaps by voting this way, we Americans will be able to clean house (and Senate) and prepare to return to what our Founding Fathers envisioned.

On Nov. 4, vote the rascals out!


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