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By Cheri Harris

What's our legacy?


To the Editor:

As we consider the ramifications of a recreational marijuana store in Goldendale, an important question to ponder and answer is this: “What kind of city do we want to become?” Or, better yet, “What kind of people do we aspire to be?” The decision to either welcome or prohibit pot shops in our city will speak volumes about us as a people.

Which shall we choose to be? A people who value and protect the health, safety and well-being of all our citizens, or a people concerned with personal gratification to the detriment of our most vulnerable members? Shall we choose to be a fearful, pessimistic, short-sighted people, grasping at the baseless promise of large revenues, and cowering at threats of lawsuit? Or will we be a courageous, optimistic people of vision who band together to create a community worthy of new members, new businesses, and new opportunities?

The choice we make—or rather, the choice our elected officials make on our behalf—will prove the kind of folks we are and what we value most. What kind of people do we aspire to be? The world shall soon find out.


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